Make Data Driven Decisions with Our Expert Industry Intel

With our massive database of over 7 million users, a wealth of nuanced behavioral data, and over 100+ original research studies per year, our global research team really understands your audience. We scout out upcoming trends, test concepts, and create solutions for you to gain the competitive edge. Use our analytics and insights to make decisions that lead to success.

Marketing Trends Webinar: Leveraging Virtual Experiences to Drive Results

Rethink the virtual marketing experience and learn how some of the most innovative marketers are using these solutions - in a variety of forms - to achieve goals related to attracting new audiences, increasing engagement metrics and building a robust marketing pipeline.

Who should watch:  CMO, VP of Marketing, Marketing Managers, Marketing Associates, Agencies, Event Marketers and Event Managers

Research Solutions

Brand Perception

Better understand how decision-making professionals perceive your brand, products or solutions. Also useful to gauge purchase intent and deliver insights into the positioning of your brand among your competitors so you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Custom Research

Collaborate with our research and data experts to develop a custom program that can inform your business strategy, gather market feedback on product concepts, or gain deeper understanding of your prospects. We deliver all the critical ingredients — deep research expertise, trusted brands, rich audience databases, and design services to help bring data to life.

Industry Insights

Leverage research as a lead generator by providing your audience with research-backed data on hot-button issues. Measure pain points or organizational impact and future outlooks on specific topics while using data points to drive your content marketing strategy. Deliverable is a 10-15 page report that provides a clear understanding of the topic and helps audiences benchmark their position relative to their peers.

State of the Market

Develop thought leadership and generate high-quality leads with this market facing research report that will help your target audience understand the forces at play and gain insights for smart decision-making. Deliverable is a 20-25 page, fully-designed, graphic report, coupled with subject matter analysis. The end results is a premium content marketing asset.

Strategic Insights Study

Mine data points across a variety of social and online channels to uncover brand, competitive, industry and audience trends and insights. This marketing intelligence solution will deliver a key insights report that provides valuable insights to your executives as well as marketing, product, and sales teams.

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